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Howdy fediverse,

I'm Kenneth, a nerd with too short of an attention span to limit myself to one engineering field, so I keep myself entertained with and the scene.

Let's make this thing awesome.

Someone asked me what is behind all the doors on a locomotive.

So I started opening doors and explaining it to them until they asked me to stop.

I still low key hate this SD card reader every time I see it in my camera bag.

It is *mini* USB 3.

My sister and I got to drive a traaaaaaaaaain this weekend! 🤓

Have you ever seen anyone make it this far on an avocado run? My sister is great.

"is there any way to cost optimize these?"

Sure, but we're shipping next month, so you're about a year late on asking that question.

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These 2025 size capacitors were the "small" capacitors we used. Being about 10 times larger than typical capacitors and about five orders of magnitude more expensive, we were often pulled into bom cost review meetings to explain why our capacitors cost more than some other whole modules on the product.

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Random desk ornament: in a past life I was an electrical product engineer working on high voltage PCBs where the capacitors were failing.

The failure analysis lab took a chunk around one of the failed capacitors, cast it in epoxy, then slowly ground it away while taking periodic photos of the internals to investigate what the failure looked like.

Well, my plan of keeping a spare micro mirror at home as our spares pool paid off a lot earlier than I hoped.

Our MN VoIP micro mirror blew its brains out, so I get to ship them a new one. :(

Ugh. I have two flash drives on my coffee table. One of them is the netboot installer for Alma 8.6 and the other is the full DVD installer for Alma 8.6, and I can't keep track of which one is which.

So I keep accidentally using the DVD one, which is SO MUCH SLOWER than the netinstall image.

Because my Internet connection is faster than USB 2.0. 🤯

The NVMe on one of our micro mirrors blew its brains out, and thanks to SystemD breaking the good thing that was stable NIC names in Linux, when I tried to reboot the node it didn't come back online, because the NIC name depends on whether there's an NVMe or not.

We are up to 5 micro mirrors live for this software mirror empire @warthog9 and I are building.

Five 15W thin clients are currently serving about 65% of the volume of traffic of our 2RU heavy iron server, and that's with several projects still not getting around to adding us, so it looks like we might be able to do about parity between this fleet vs the main mirror.

Clearly we need to keep deploying more of them.

The thing is... these Raspberry Pis are at a railroad museum.

And the second AP they're roaming to is on the other side of a diesel locomotive shop with two tracks in it.

And there's traditionally been a rail car on exhibit in the shop blocking the line of sight between the Pis and the second AP.

I... I think the reason these pis have started flaking out on me is... because they moved a rail car out of the way...

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So I've been having issues with the wifi driver on the Raspberry Pi 3 being... crap.

It seems like the driver locks up when the pi roams between BSSIDs some times, so I have a script that checks every morning and if the wlan0 connection is wedged it reboots the pi and that usually fixes the problem.

But suddenly some of my pis have started falling off line a lot. Like, every day, within a few hours of the daily health check reboot.

Official mirror request submitted for VLC and KDE for

I just had a really funny thought.

If you're a distro, you probably don't want to use your own distro for your repo load balancers... You could get yourself into a bit of a bootstrapping issue if your infrastructure ever implodes on itself.

I’m jealous of all these people
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I've started a new maker loyalty program.

You post a picture of something awesome you made which you're proud of, and I heart the tweet and +1 a number next to your name in a spreadsheet on my computer.

That's it. That's the whole program. No one gets to see the XLS file.

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