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Howdy fediverse,

I'm Kenneth, a nerd with too short of an attention span to limit myself to one engineering field, so I keep myself entertained with and the scene.

Let's make this thing awesome.

The problem is that the day that there's a major security issue, this public mirror is going to be blowing up for every other project shipping the same security update.

So while all of those projects will have all their mirrors getting hammered, Macports has it worse, because they've completely lost the ability to publish ANY software updates, because their tier0 mirror is melting due to every other project hosted on that one box that shipped an update before them.

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Yikes. Macports takes the crown for the worst tier0 rsync server for their mirroring infrastructure.

It isn't a dedicated box. It's just one of the projects hosted on and I'm only getting 10Mbps out of it.

This is a very bad idea.

Just received two more 2TB SSDs in the mail today for the Micro Mirror project. 🤤

Cash donations are helping fund me buying this hardware, and then deploying it as free software mirrors! We've got 11 of these Micro Mirrors deployed so far and counting.

My first pull request into rsync has been accepted. :)

Last call on ordering a batch of my social tokens before I shut down the online order link.

This is fine. 🔥

I could keep deploying these Micro Mirrors for years at this rate.

@gme Seriously. Just run it every 12 hours like every other distribution does.

Certbot checks locally and if the cert isn't <30 days yet, it's a no-op

It seems like the certbot shipped in EPEL doesn't come with an auto-update service?!

Am I really expected to just run a cronjob at some point to run "certbot renew"? That seems.... suboptimal.

Every so often GregKH will go and drop a few *THOUSAND* e-mails onto the linux-kernel mailing list. This gets... exciting...

As of right now there's 3048 e-mail addresses subscribed directly to the list (obviously folks consume these in VASTLY different ways and some of these are gateway addresses). So the 3031 patch messages that got sent today resulted in 9,238,488 e-mails.

So, a graph of what dumping that onto a mail queue looks like ;-)

Sadly 2/3 of the total cost was just the shipping, even with custom die tooling for both faces.

$375 to ship two boxes filled with metal coins. 😂

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I've been thinking a lot recently about how we as members of the maker community can show appreciation for each other and the contributions we make to others in this life changing community.

So I thought it would be worth trying an experiment in social tokens and had some made.

The hitch is that the minimum order quantity is 5,000 tokens, so I've got a few spare ones for sale...

Micro Mirrors are mostly idle, right up until they're running at 100% for several hours.

And this is why it never hurts to build more mirror capacity.

Partner asked me what I was having for dinner, and she wouldn't let my plan of "anxiety" fly.

Downloading just the file index over rsync is taking >3 hours, so I was suggesting that the 30 slot limit they put on their tier0 mirrors was still too high.

They told me to just be patient.

I had been the one who suggested the day before to put a connection limit on the tier0 mirrors in the first place...

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The Rocky Infrastructure team has told me to buzz off because they don't like my attitude about their tier0 mirrors being stuck in iowait hell. 🤷

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Day three of the Rocky Linux 9 release and their tier0 mirrors are still melting.

I finally managed to get a complete sync of it and have opened up rsync:// for anyone else still trying to sync their mirrors.

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