Gnome mystery knit 9 spoilers 

Clue 2! You know, I have a whole set of tools, including this double pointed needle holder, that I only really use for gnomes.

Spot the hiking parent vs the field naturalist parent:

J was thinking, "I have so much stuff to do around the house, if you're done walking can we get going?"

I was thinking, "stalking a duck for 30 minutes is normal child behaviour but this park really needs more benches"

The ducks, meanwhile, decided it was time to attempt an orgy. Ahh, spring!

Today in parenting: "don't drool on the dog. Nothing bad will happen, it's just gross"

Child: <puts a towel on the dog then drools on the towel>

Eh, good enough.

Gnome mystery knit 9 spoilers 

I was just thinking "I wonder if I have too many gnomes" when my kid decided to pull them all out and play with them, so... I guess he gets another. The gal who writes these patterns has cute stories to go with each and a lot of techniques packed into a tiny project, so they're pretty fun even if my kid wasn't playing with them.

Swatchy swatchy. I'm trying something new: putting measurements on my swatch pictures so I don't forget them. These let me do all the calculations to make sure the final sweater is going to fit correctly.

This reminds me that I should really add some more swatch measurement conversion options to pyKnit and make those be my default command line so I don't have to boot up jupyter next time.

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Would appreciate any signal boost on this one. I’m incredibly excited to build a team around BeeWare. I want to make sure we leave no stone unturned.
RT @PyBeeWare
Would you like to be paid to work on BeeWare? Anaconda is now hiring for a full time, mid- to senior software engineer to join the Open Source group!

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Please boost: People who are at high-risk for COVID-19 complications:

1. What could conferences better do to support you?

2. What policies or resources would help you decide whether to attend an in-person conference?

My kid keeps telling me "don't steal my IP, Mom" and I'm not sure what he's trying to say since we're playing with magnetic tiles but I feel like by posting this online I might have proved his point.

Glad to have gotten outside today! Working part time is pretty awesome.

Hatch does not care about my morning meetings and wonders how I could possibly be willing to leave so much of the backyard unsniffed.

Look, if you want to put your nose in everything, this is what happens around here.

Kids are great. Mine refused to eat his grapes because they weren't wet. Normally, I wash the grapes before I give them to him. I explained that this was for pesticides and the grapes were clean and it was ok that they were dry now. He wasn't buying it. I used the plant mister on the grapes. He is eating them.

Dear fediverse: tell me about your favourite fuzzers for code. Or the ones you hated. Or fuzzing that's fun for command line tools.

I know about Google Atheris but I haven't investigated anything else yet

(I'm looking for stuff to try against if that helps.)

I dunno if is a thing in the fediverse, but have some pictures of me wearing stuff I made anyhow.

Clockwise from top left: Meditations shawl, Symphony shawl, and Walking into Winter socks

Hatch is very respectful of the barrier we put up to tell him when he's not welcome in the kitchen.

First of May, last excuse to earworm you all with my favourite nsfw First of May song:

Romi Mystery knit-a-long, clue 1 spoilers #knitting 

Clue 2 has been out for two days, but I wanted to try out the content warning thing here. This was billed as a "semi circular shawl" and I was expecting a half circle but I think it's closer to 3/4. This is good since I find half circles a pain to wear without a shawl pin.

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