@solene @Tubsta I think you wrote the conclusion for me: " I disable the IPFS service because it's nearly not used and draw too much CPU on my server."

@solene @Tubsta Per usual when someone suggests we use IPFS, I should include a citation to @warthog9's paper on why Bittorrent really isn't that great for distros.


@kwf @solene @Tubsta so random paper napkin math. Retail cost hosting a mirror costs about $5.55/TB moved, including hardware costs. This is patently high, and no mirror actually costs this.

Went to see what similar costs associated with ipfs would be just for straight monetary comparison and the web site is down? Gateway is down? Is the IPFS website hosted in IPFS maybe and the network is down?


@kwf @solene @Tubsta page eventually loaded and, I was not particularly impressed with the initial text (I mean mathmatically impossible claims on a front page do not inspire confidence). I've committed to @kwf to write some FAQ entries for the site

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