FCIX's mirroring projects has another 3TB of raw disk for it. Well, x2 because there's two identical boxes behind me setup this way.

Also some very nice Intel I217-LM NICs in these ;-)

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@warthog9 thanks for having a nice server that is 0.3ms away from my colo :)

@ariadne We do try, and the whole project has been more amusing than expected, AND it's fun watching stuff I was vaguely trying to do back when I ran now actually happening a decade later because *SOMEONE* *coughs* @kwf *coughs* convinced me to get back to it all.

One of these machines is, in theory, heading for YWG so finally going international even!

Hmmmm come to think of it we might need some mirroring stickers for this project...

@warthog9 @kwf

well, every time i post a new blog, the image my CI creates to do its work in is installed using because I can literally build images with apko and that mirror in less than 1 second, even for hundreds of MB of packages :)

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