Quick question @thunderbird where's the best place to comment on some of the recent ui/ux changes? I've been banging my head on needing to find "reply all" under the drop down vs. "reply list" when the list needs to be included, but there's LOTS of e-mails outside of the list that need to stay on the thread. Fairly common situation on LKML for instance, and I'm not seeing a way to add an explicit "reply all" to the message header buttons

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@warthog9 😢

At some point I trained myself it just hit the keyboard shortcut for “reply all” every time (shift-cmd-R on macOS) and edit the recipients if it needs reducing. Does that keyboard shortcut still work?

(I do agree Reply All should be surfaced in the UI though, it’s needed very frequently in my experience.)

@thunderbird @ewenmcneill Thank you! Posted my note there, hopefully I described the use case / reasoning sufficiently!

@thunderbird @ewenmcneill Well thought I had, not seeing it but maybe the post is waiting in a moderation queue...

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