Bought some more Smart Home Internet Thing plugs to see if I can get off of the "appliance" version of one I have now. So far I've tried asking 3 vendors how their plugs handle inductive loads.

- One didn't respond
- One responded eventually, after giving some data, "well that's sorted then" (except it absolutely wasn't)
- The last hand waved


Two of the vendors, I'm 99.8% sure, are using the same plug with different markings on the back (one silkscreen, one lasered). The other the specs differ a bit. Firmware on all 3 is different, but it's the same mcu in them all, esphome, proprietary, tasmota (what they ship out of the box)

The odd ball is LIKELY the best option (at least on paper) for appliances but it's a bit unknown, which is obnoxious

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I will say, the proprietary firmware is BY FAR the most polished. Like lightyears ahead polished.

@warthog9 these are just mechanical relays, right? How inductive are we talking? Are you worried about arcing on disconnect?

@smitty yup, though I've seen where putting too much inductive load through the relay (even when already closed) damages the relay. Think dehumidifier, refrigerator, washing mahine, etc. Noramally you snag an "appliance" version, better relay, bob's your uncle.

Really all I want them for is power monitoring so the relay is a bit overkill but no one makes / sells what i want on that front

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