Every so often GregKH will go and drop a few *THOUSAND* e-mails onto the linux-kernel mailing list. This gets... exciting...

As of right now there's 3048 e-mail addresses subscribed directly to the list (obviously folks consume these in VASTLY different ways and some of these are gateway addresses). So the 3031 patch messages that got sent today resulted in 9,238,488 e-mails.

So, a graph of what dumping that onto a mail queue looks like ;-)

Internal pictures because those are way more interesting!

So lets talk storage for 10 seconds. As we've noted before the beauty of these systems is that the storage needs to be only a bit faster than the network, and turns out an ssd on the sata bus can move about 560MB/s and 530MB/s read/write respectively. Turns out, we only need to be faster than 125MB/s on both of those ;-)

So we'll serve data off the 2TB drive, and there's a 1TB drive we boot from and COULD put more data on (also sata)

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So dropped a *FANCY* new micro-mirror off at the shipping company today. This will be our first
Optiplex 9020 micro (how appropriate?) based micro-mirror. Couple of nice advantages over our trusty T620s: actually good nics, beefier cpu, more ram.

Downside: costs more (I mean, duh?)

The mirror is sponsored by les.net and is going to be our first international mirror! Go

FCIX's mirroring projects has another 3TB of raw disk for it. Well, x2 because there's two identical boxes behind me setup this way.

Also some very nice Intel I217-LM NICs in these ;-)

Been fighting with rtl_433 hearing my 915MHz devices. It's just... *WEIRD* they work, but then I can't hear them? Started noticing it more, it's not just hardware, it's not antennas...

fire up CubicSDR on my laptop, tune up 915MHz aaaaand.....


Apparently the Death Star because what the heck. So if I tune down to 914.73 I shift the offender out of frame but I want to track it down now. Bet it's someone's air conditioner....

Finally sorting out a project that's been on the todo list for several years

Well reworked aome of the weather station project and added a pms5003. Still micropython based, which has been going well. One piece of hardware, as3935, does not like reset for some reason and needs to be investigated. Otherwise it's doing more data, the solar charger is better, and we shall see how well the battery lasts!

Some SCIENCE! happened today, the dread pirate liked the getting wet part and of this testing 😜

A kind soul has sent me an @ThePurpleAir@twitter.com device with an eye for "why isn't this poe?!".

I've had it open already and... Wow so much kapton...

Ohhhh, and it's ESP8266 based *devilish grin*

A wild server appears! It's only missing... 6 pieces of storage medium... 😜

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Turns out closet tie racks *ARE* useful!

- closet maid pull out tie rack
- some square brackets about the right size
- 1/8 thick rubber around pole and top
- screws

Attach to underside of desk and put cable on it

So late last year o built up some new (to me) servers to swap out some hardware in the DC. Sent 3 boxes down via a popular sgipper that like arrows. 2 made it on time, one was weirdly a day behind. Turns out that box ahowed up soaking wet on the bottom, enough so the DC and driver took pictures.

Fast forward a few days when a friend was racking and stacking aaaand. Yeah that box had a bent server in it. Pictures looked *BAD*. Filed a damaged shipment claim. 1/

It also uses a Realtek RTL8762CMF, which amusingly took a drop of alcohol, a 100mm camera lens, a pitch dark room, and a super bright LED flashlight to even REMOTELY read off the chip.

This is waaay zoomed in from the original picture even. the 'CMF' variant doesn't seem to be documented anywhere, and no other close letters I've seen. It's a low power BLE device though, probably runs on 1.8V

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Actually some amusing further notes:

- Back of board is mostly bare (the battery gets double sided taped to it), but after you get the battery off you find... pads for what looks like a debug / serial port. I do love me serial ports!

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Learn a new skill, get a new tool!

So yeah, swapped the Leaf's telematics unit over from the continental versuon (3G modem) to OVMS (4G) and figured I'd try following another's guide for making an antenna adapter to use the exiating antennae!

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