Peter Hook and the Light, a few hours ago. They played for two and a half hours. One set of New Order (which I don't really care for), and two plus an encore of Joy Division (yay). That was fun.

Oh, that's what it was all along, then?

So, where's that bottle of Scotch...

An eventful ride. I got a nasty cut on my rear tire after just 7 km. Pumped a good while hoping the sealant would do its job. It didn't, even with me pressing on the cut to help it coagulate. So I used a Dynaplug and pumped again. No dice. Used a second Dynaplug right next to the first one and pumped a third time, and it worked. I'm switching to CO2. I'm too old to pump like that by 37⁰C.
Also, I lost the charger case for my earbuds. Somewhere between Crescent Village and Nederland. 😪

Hope you had a great 4th of July, in case you live in that small part of the world. This was mine:

On this 4th of July I'm sure the USians among us are having fun enjoying tons of food.

The Tour de France started a couple days ago. Here's an interesting article on nutrition and how not fun it can be:

TL;DR You eat mostly fluids and gels, and as much as you can.

"The amount of food needed is close to the body’s maximum capacity for digestion, so failure to keep up with the enormous calorie intake can spell disaster, because playing catch-up is near impossible"

By the way, for those using an online translation service to read the article above, パンツ does not mean pants but panties/briefs.

The idea is there is a growing share of the Japanese population who consider face masks akin to underwear, and feel embarrassed to remove it in public and show their face.

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~2.4 km at 3.4%, ~26 km/h average. All that after a heavy work day, and climbing Flagstaff a few minutes before.
Slowly getting back in shape. These legs might still have a few more years in them.
(in case you're curious, 904 is the VAM on this segment)

36⁰C and strong winds but it was Saturday so I had to go for a ride. Only did 93 km and climbed a little over 1000 m but it felt like 3 times that. I had ample amounts of delicious warm water with me but that ended up not being enough. I used to be able to handle heat much better than that. 😕

Agreed. I have two masters and doctorate. I have never bothered telling my employers about them. Getting a job was not the reason I got these degrees.

In some countries, many years ago and maybe still today, it was even detrimental to your career. However, a former employer was happy to find out about it years after they hired me because thanks to that they could claim some research grant.

Today I don't even work in this field I studied 30-35 years ago.



Overall I quite liked the book but preferred the part before it turns into a crime story. It's moody and psychological, right down my alley.

Aside from some of the minor characters, like Frank, Beatrice and Frith, everyone is either lame or detestable. This is one thing which makes the story unusual.

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I realized there are people who like in my Mastodon neighborhood. So here's quick a .

I just finished reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. I watched the famous Hitchcock movie 35 years or more ago so I didn't remember a thing.

I went on a flat ride but ended up climbing a total of 900m. Should have gone to the mountains instead.

This morning, at my daughter's graduation, the principal started her speech with:
"I'm so happy COVID is over"


Tonight's Bauhaus concert postponed for "unspecified medical reasons"
Second time this happens, I'm concerned I'll never see them on stage again

In my next life I'll be a tech journalist for a highly reputed website. I'll write articles on complex topics like "How to open the door of your fridge" or "How to look out the window from your living room". Much harder stuff than what you find today in online media.

Bike is all ready to go when the snow has melted. Possibly tomorrow.

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