Hivemind: I want to make a printer that when it gets something it passes it through a script that will manipulate it and THEN print the resulting output (pdf) to the printer. I know this is doable with CUPs, but darned if I can find the right docs for how to define it...

I will say, the proprietary firmware is BY FAR the most polished. Like lightyears ahead polished.

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Two of the vendors, I'm 99.8% sure, are using the same plug with different markings on the back (one silkscreen, one lasered). The other the specs differ a bit. Firmware on all 3 is different, but it's the same mcu in them all, esphome, proprietary, tasmota (what they ship out of the box)

The odd ball is LIKELY the best option (at least on paper) for appliances but it's a bit unknown, which is obnoxious

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Bought some more Smart Home Internet Thing plugs to see if I can get off of the "appliance" version of one I have now. So far I've tried asking 3 vendors how their plugs handle inductive loads.

- One didn't respond
- One responded eventually, after giving some data, "well that's sorted then" (except it absolutely wasn't)
- The last hand waved

Hivemind: do I know anyone who's doing OSPFv3 on wireguard ptmp links? Trying to get this to work, and would love to see/compare someone's working setup

Quick question @thunderbird where's the best place to comment on some of the recent ui/ux changes? I've been banging my head on needing to find "reply all" under the drop down vs. "reply list" when the list needs to be included, but there's LOTS of e-mails outside of the list that need to stay on the thread. Fairly common situation on LKML for instance, and I'm not seeing a way to add an explicit "reply all" to the message header buttons

Fun fact I was reminded of this evening: I have sung, as lead singer, at a wedding, with an honest to goodness real band standing behind me: 4'33

@thunderbird *KUDOS* to @thunderbird quick filter on 102 on my normal, and old, profile suddenly works again!

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Wheee apparently got @thunderbird 102 on my laptop aaannd..... First start-up my main account just didn't load, kinda freaked me out. Exit, come back in and it's there (whew). The visuals all changed which was expected but I'm cranky on those things I'll admit. However the fact the scrollbars all hide... again... is a problem. I know I had to hack the config at one point to keep them there and now I can' seem to find a way to keep them on screen and not hide. small and hiding scrollbars sucks

I am reminded: auto/low on my office heat pump does not move sufficient air to actually *COOL* my office. It's back on 'high' for the next like 2 minutes before a power savings event

Did some shoveling in the email mines and got the mail queue on vger proper down to under 1000, which is good. Average time of an email waiting to get into vger (this does not include processing on vger and subsequent bouncing back out) is under 2 minutes, with most instances being literally seconds.

Few more domains having issues, looks mostly like smaller e-mail hosts having low rate limits. I'll keep an eye on them and likely have to eject them.

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Question, Mastodon hivemind!

Your favorite #matrix client for android devices is which - and why?

Usually I'd install #Element because I'm used to it, but I'm curious if there's something better.

Boost appreciated.

Fun in the email mines today, turns out a German mail provider is currently blocking vger, and there's a bunch of domains using them.

*shovels the email around and writes a few grumble grams*

Every so often GregKH will go and drop a few *THOUSAND* e-mails onto the linux-kernel mailing list. This gets... exciting...

As of right now there's 3048 e-mail addresses subscribed directly to the list (obviously folks consume these in VASTLY different ways and some of these are gateway addresses). So the 3031 patch messages that got sent today resulted in 9,238,488 e-mails.

So, a graph of what dumping that onto a mail queue looks like ;-)

And if I get back around to it, pushing syncdiff(erent) is a pretty smart choice here and I think it's something I might poke around and see what I can do with it...

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Now there *IS* a gotcha with the storage if you understand storage well: while the drives can move data at 500someMB/s doing filesystem walks will is a *LOT* of random i/o all over the place, there's a reason that rsync can be so brutal to a mirroring infrastructure. SSDs help, their random i/o is quite good. We just don't serve rsync from the MMs. After that there's, 16GB of ram which will end up most disk cache.

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Internal pictures because those are way more interesting!

So lets talk storage for 10 seconds. As we've noted before the beauty of these systems is that the storage needs to be only a bit faster than the network, and turns out an ssd on the sata bus can move about 560MB/s and 530MB/s read/write respectively. Turns out, we only need to be faster than 125MB/s on both of those ;-)

So we'll serve data off the 2TB drive, and there's a 1TB drive we boot from and COULD put more data on (also sata)

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So dropped a *FANCY* new micro-mirror off at the shipping company today. This will be our first
Optiplex 9020 micro (how appropriate?) based micro-mirror. Couple of nice advantages over our trusty T620s: actually good nics, beefier cpu, more ram.

Downside: costs more (I mean, duh?)

The mirror is sponsored by and is going to be our first international mirror! Go

FCIX's mirroring projects has another 3TB of raw disk for it. Well, x2 because there's two identical boxes behind me setup this way.

Also some very nice Intel I217-LM NICs in these ;-)

So my Form 1+ is failing, the lasers have a limited lifespan on them and yeah looks like I've run dead smack into mine. Had this happen in my original kickstarter 1, and that happened at about a year into owning it. So paid to upgrade the printer at the time and this one has ended up being ~8yrs old now.

Replacement laser for it, if I can find one, is going to be $250 - which is literally half the cost of a new printer.

Soooo I pre-ordered an Elegoo Saturn 2. ;-)

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