🤔 I’m skeptical. I’ve worked with women who like to dress up and dress down and neither kind were treated as worthy.
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We say we don't have a dress code in tech and we pretend to have an inclusive culture but in fact we do and this dress code and culture disproportionately affects women.

Hot take: Trevor Noah and all the other late night show comedians need to make more TikTok and Youtube Shorts videos.

Today’s podcast is: Unexplainable by Vox media. Today’s episode is about encryption where they interview Whit Diffie and Marty Hellman. Plus, the “master problem” of cryptography.

Fridays are for debugging npm wrapped in go interfaces.


While Florida floods, I am reminded of some TV evangelical who said god was punishing the people of New Orleans for their sins during Katrina. Not that it matters cause they probably cannot internalize any of those sermons anyway.

One night, I’m going to play the No Sleep Podcast (horror) instead of the Nothing Much Happens Podcast (sleep) and that would be an interesting night.

How is my spouse embarrassed of his own farts? We’ve lived together for 13 years and I’ve been farting with abandon that whole time.

OH: the pre-frontal cortex is the judgy bitch cortex.

Should I feel guilty for taking 3 hour midday naps?

Can’t believe I’m asking this but: is there a configurable commit message checker I can use for my PR workflows?

One of them then said: we sound like we know what we’re talking about. We only actually know 70%. But that’s why we’re here. And folks, I think I made it.

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Suddenly, I found myself talking to a couple of cloud architects who wanted to know what I thought of a particular topic and I’m wondering what the hell am I doing here I’m just a housewife.

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Puppy thinks he's one of them...🐶🐾🐥🐤🐥🥰

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my family was just forced to vote at gunpoint in russian cosplay of a “referendum” in southern ukraine:

- they come to your house
- you have to openly tick the box for being annexed by russia (or for staying with ukraine if you feel suicidal)
- all while armed gunmen watch you

In the end, maybe I should just make an SBOM tool that updates a form…

One thing I’ve realized with covid is that I run on hugs and cuddles. Not good considering my home companions are neither huggers nor cuddlers.

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